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Autumn 1 - Land Ahoy!

Our topic this half term is all about pirates! 

We will be learning about a famous pirate and how he lived hundreds of years ago. We will be getting creative with our writing, pretending that we are a pirate on a ship writing home to our families! We will be doing lots of drama this half term, thinking about what it would have been like to live as a pirate and might even get to go on a treasure hunt! We will be becoming explorers and learning all about the countries in the United Kingdom and the continents in the world. Keep an eye on this page to see what we get up to!

Treasure hunt madness!


This morning when Miss Rowley came into the classroom she found this strange note on her desk...



We had to follow a set of instructions that told us to use the iPads to scan the codes. Each code had a Maths problem to solve and the answer matched a letter in the alphabet. Once we had completed all of the clues it spelt the name of the place where the treasure was hidden. We completed the treasure hunt around our school and luckily we all found the treasure!! We had so much fun that we decided we are going to make our own treasure hunt! Keep an eye on this page for the instructions we write to our own treasure hunt. 

Well-being Day!


Today was wellbeing day and Cherry class has a lovely day in their comfy clothes! We did some guided meditation, yoga, mindfulness colouring and even got to eat lollies!