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smileyWelcome to Year1 Chestnut Class!smiley





Important information! 

* homework is given out and due back in on a Thursday

* children need to bring p.e. Kits to school on a Thursday

* reading books are changed on a Thursday 

* Parent's morning is on a Thursday 




Our Topic this term is all about Dinosaurs! We will be exploring an egg we have found in the playground to kick start our topic. We will make predictions before moving on to using talk for writing to help us write a fact file about dinosaurs. We will also be thinking about classifying animals and how they are similar and different. We will be exploring the prehistoric world and what happened many years ago! In maths we will be looking at addition, subtraction and our number bonds to 10! 
Picture 1
Picture 1
We have been learning all about fossils. We made our own creations! 


Strange egg found! What could it be?

Picture 1
Today we have been learning about our sense of hearing. We listened around school with our listening ears and wrote down what we could hear! 
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We are busy exploring 'greater than', 'less than' and 'equal to' this week. 

We have to remember the crocodile eats the biggest number!

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This week we have been busy exploring our taste sense. How do the different fruits taste? We all had our favourites and could describe how they tasted. We have also explored healthy and unhealthy food and why it is important to have a balanced diet! 
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The children have been busy giving speeches about why they should be a school council rep for our class. The children voted for their winners. Well done to our winners! 

Picture 1
Picture 1



The class have been busy creating their own superhero masks along with describing and discussing their superhero character! 



Our topic this term is all about superheroes. We will be discussing how both fiction and real life heroes can save the day!

We have been using talk for writing to find out how Supertato saves the day! What would the other veggies do without him? 
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