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At Earl Spencer we take E-Safety very seriously. Whilst the encourage technology throughout the school, measures are in place to keep the children safe when they are using computers and the internet. The school strives to embed E-Safety in all areas of our curriculum and key online safeguarding messages are reinforced wherever ICT is used in learning.

  • The school follows the Switched on Computing Scheme of Work which incorporates E-Safety throughout the curriculum for all year groups.
  • Pupils are made aware of copyright issues, data protection and the reliability of information sourced on the internet as part of the E-Safety curriculum.
  • Opportunities for informal discussions with students about online risks and strategies for protecting yourself online are built into our curriculum, to ensure that our students are armed with accurate information.
  • When the children use the computers, they are supervised at all times.
  • Children have assemblies and lessons to remind them of E-Safety and the dangers which they may come across when they are online.
  • Our school Internet provider operates a filtering system that restricts access to inappropriate materials. 
  • All children and parents have to adhere to and sign a responsible use form.


Whilst these measures are in place here at school, this may not be the case at home. Please take the time to visit the CEOP website for further